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Futurescape: Charting New Territories

Ananth Krishnan
Research & Innovation

“Looking at the needs of the world today, we must envision a future that meets those needs, both of humans and our planet. At TCS Research & Innovation, we call this art of collaborative visioning – Futurescape” 

Predicting the future is tricky but looking at the present world helps. Foresight is as much about shaping the future as it is about predicting it. Looking at the needs of the world today, we must envision a future that meets those needs, of people and the planet. At TCS Research & Innovation, we call this art of collaborative visioning – Futurescape.

For Futurescaping, we believe that we should look at the future through the crosshair of four inter-connected lenses and judiciously align them to ensure that the future is purposeful, robust, resilient and sustainable.

Looking through these four lenses, we can see how the future can be ensured to be:

⦁ Resilient by leveraging Platforms & Ecosystems

Platforms help create ecosystems and the two in turn make possible combinatorial innovations that yield exponential outcomes. Going forward, we will access products and services through various platforms and become part of ever-growing ecosystems.

Research shows that emerging digital ecosystems could account for more than $60 trillion in revenue by 2025 (or more than 30% of global corporate revenue). Seven of the world’s 12 largest companies by market capitalization are platform driven. It is established beyond doubt that enterprises need to rewire themselves to be platform driven and ecosystem oriented to remain resilient to disruptive forces.

⦁ Robust through Technology & Intelligent Infrastructure

Emerging technology fields such as quantum computing and material science hold the potential to rewrite the traditional architecture of digital infrastructure. 5G and IoT promise to keep us always connected, while artificial intelligence is becoming as common as electricity. With every enterprise vying to become a technology company today, new age modern technologies undoubtedly will form the robust backbone of our future world.

⦁ Purposeful through Human Centric Design

Behaviour driven services and digital wellbeing are now taking centre stage. Enterprises are letting go of profitability and focusing on building customer experience and loyalty instead. There are significant investments being made in re-building the products and services from ground up keeping the consumer’s interest at heart. Going forward, understanding the psyche of the consumer will become ever more important for enterprises to remain purposeful.

⦁ Sustainable through Collaborative Governance

Policy makers must ensure that future products and services are inclusive, trustworthy, and sustainable. Enterprises must ensure that they are replenishing as much as they are depleting resources and talent, and must strive to dissolve asymmetries of resources across the world.

TCS Research & Innovation taps into its knowledge network of futurists, COIN partners, in-house scientists, SMEs and diverse clientele, and encourages them to look through the above four lenses to envision forward looking points of view that help us chart a promising future in various sectors, including banking, transportation, insurance, media and entertainment. These collaborative views are published under the Futurescape series on various TCS channels.

Foresight is a group activity and future is a shared commodity. It is important for us to engage in a collaborative dialogue to envision a future that caters to one and all.


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