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Futurescaping Mobility

Sankha Som
Research & Innovation.

“TCS Research & Innovation taps into its knowledge network of subject matter experts to look through the four lenses of Futurescape and see how the future of mobility can be ensured to be resilient, robust, purposeful, and sustainable.” 

Mobility has traditionally been the means to move people (or goods) from point A to point B. All the different elements of mobility cater to the user ‘during’ the journey. However, new age mobility is expanding its foothold from ‘during’ to ‘before’ and ‘after’ the journey.


This expanded view of mobility is giving rise to the vast ecosystem of interdependent players across industries such as hospitality, entertainment, health and fitness, banking, insurance, and virtually every other industry that one can think of.

Thus, mobility is touted as the most influential of the recent advancements that could transform the lives of billions of people across the world. We invited SMEs to look through the four lenses of Futurescape and see how the future of mobility can be ensured to be:

1.       Resilient by Leveraging Platforms & Ecosystems

To meet the rapidly changing and evolving mobility demands of people and their journey aspirations, the future of mobility has to be a multi-dimensional, cyber-physical system of gigantic scale and tremendous complexity. This hyper-connected mobility decision space will be built over an ecosystem-oriented mobility platform to compose predictable journeys. This composition will need to take a holistic view of both software and infrastructure elements to provide value to both people and enterprises. In the section, “Resilient Future of Mobility By Leveraging Platforms & Ecosystems”, Dr. Prasant Misra, scientist at TCS Data & Decisions Sciences Research, highlights the pivotal role of platforms and ecosystems in envisioning a resilient future of mobility.

In the section, “Embracing ecosystem play”, Raju Goteti, TCS COIN Head, and Chandrasekar Iyer, COIN Consultant, highlight the importance of open innovation to tap into the abundant knowledge residing in the startup ecosystem.

2.       Robust through Technology & Intelligent Infrastructure

Technology has become a staple in the modern digital world. It will play a crucial role in the future of mobility as it provides robustness through digital solutions and physical infrastructure to meet the needs of humans and the planet. Sensors will have to be omnipresent on and around people (in the form of mobile phones, wearables, implantable) and vehicles to gather contextual intelligence that can be used for AI driven analytics to drive improvements in safety and comfort; and reduction in cost, carbon footprint, and time to travel. In the section, “Robust Future of Mobility Through Technology & Intelligent Infrastructure”, Dr. Arpan Pal, Chief Scientist and Head of Embedded Systems and Robotics Research at TCS, highlights the use of emerging technology and their combinatorial potential to create digital and physical infrastructure.

3.       Purposeful through Human Centric Design

New age autonomous vehicles have been often said to usher in safer, more secure and happier lives for humans, however, several key challenges anchored in the human behavioural aspects such as user interaction, perceived trust, and privacy and security have been identified as challenges in long-term adoption of AVs. In the section, “Purposeful Future of Mobility Through Human Centric Design”, Dr. Mayuri Duggirala, Senior Scientist at TCS Behavioural, Business & Social Sciences Research, outlines the implications of these challenges as well as means to introduce interventions to counter them

4.       Sustainable through Collaborative Governance

Every city is unique and has its own needs. A one-size-fits-all solution to mobility will not be an ideal solution and we will see that cities will adopt the solutions that best fit their needs. Local governments and urban planners will have to ensure that new mobility services do not add to traffic congestion that continues to choke opportunity and contribute to the climate emergencies, like we see today. They will have to ensure that these new services are designed such that future mobility connects people to anything and everything they need and want to do to live full lives, while protecting the planet. In the section, “Sustainable Future of Mobility Through Collaborative Governance” , TCS’s COIN partner, Dr. Judy Farvolden, Executive Director at University of Toronto Transportation Research Institute, looks at the various measures to ensure sustainability and governance for the future of mobility.

The series of points of view on the above topics helps Futurescape Mobility to ‘move’ towards a better and meaningful future for all.

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