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Reimagining consumer and employee engagement using gaming techniques

Enterprises, including those in utilities, are increasingly adopting gamification as a strategy to drive business transformation, and this is further propelled by the proliferation of digital technologies. Enterprise gamification involves applying gaming aspects like engagement, transparency, and more to organizational activities such as learning modules, customer interactions, and sales. In the utilities industry, gamification can help firms increase consumer awareness, build customer relationships, and drive loyalty. Below are six areas where gamification can offer value to utilities:

- Promoting new services

- Increasing awareness about conserving energy and water

- Enhancing employee collaboration

- Improving performance at the contact center

- Promoting e-learning adoption and uptake

- Engaging customers in operations

Digital technologies like big data, analytics, and cloud can be used to derive insights in the six areas above, thereby offering value to consumers.

Anirban Banerjee

Research and Innovation Lead (North America) and Engagement Manager (Canada), Utilities, TCS


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