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GE Power Enjoys Robust and Scalable Reporting

TCS helps GE Power establish a centralized data hub to overcome disparate and delayed data collection.

GE Power Services
Power Generation Sector
Digital Solutions

GE Power Generation Services (PGS) needs near real-time data to improve customer outcomes.

GE's PGS offers 5 product and service lines to give customers a unified experience. However, their Contractual, Power, Parts, and Repairs Services operated on separate Oracle business suite platforms.

This resulted in slower data collation, causing delays in performing the quarter end/ period closures, and led to failure of predictive analytics, which impacted customer outcomes.

To improve operations, GE needed to solve these issues:

  • Lack of data correlation across business functions
  • Higher data refresh frequencies from source to report
  • Lack of a consolidated view


As a strategic partner to GE Digital, TCS collaborated with GE and its partner ecosystem to build a single, robust, and scalable reporting system to improve service operations performance.

TCS leveraged its deep domain understanding of the power industry and its strong expertise in Business Intelligence (BI) implementation to develop customizations for GE Power’s reporting system.

By virtue of working with GE for a long time, and in solving various business challenges, TCS was able to play a key role in providing a solution with strong business impact.

We created a replication and consumption layer in the data lake, enabling near real-time refresh into the replication layer. This created a centralized data hub for feeding the entire business data into the consumption layer, facilitating the adoption of data bus in the enterprise ecosystem.

The solution provided a consolidated view of enterprise data, resulting in predictive algorithms for driving successful customer outcomes.

TCS helps GE Power refresh data 90% faster to reduce closure times.

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