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Glory Global Solutions Reimagines its Customer Integrations by automation

TCS helps design multi-channel customer integrations in service solution framework



GGS envisions harmonized business process across its heterogeneous and complex service value chain.

Glory Global Solutions, with its disparate business processes and globally spread operations, was finding it a challenge to enhance its customers’ experience. The company wanted to develop a standard customer integration process, which would allow their customers across the world to easily integrate into Glory’s service enterprise, enabling them to open service calls quickly and obtain status updates throughout the call lifecycle in real time. The key challenge was to design a harmonized end-to-end business process for customer integration and develop a channel-agnostic solution that could support multi-channel delivery, different languages, and be easy to scale.




TCS builds and delivers a templatized customer integration solution using intelligent automation

TCS designed and built an intelligent email parsing software on Oracle Cloud for achieving multi-channel customer integration in GGS’ service operations. The solution framework harmonized the end-to-end business process and drastically reduced the lead-time to integrate new and existing customers into the GGS Service Enterprise. It has been successfully deployed for 170+ GGS customers and has achieved almost 70% reduction in cost of maintenance providing support to manage huge daily transaction volumes.


“Comprehensive standards based process and integration capabilities based on industry application best practices that are fully reusable within our enterprise”

Matt Waters, Director – ERP Program, GGS


This futuristic solution has the capability to accommodate and absorb changes quickly and offers high re-usability, thus allowing the business to extend and scale efficiently. It uses an intelligent email parsing algorithm that is capable of reading incoming emails from GGS end customer systems irrespective of language and local customer specifications thus drastically reducing the lead time to integrate new and existing customers into the GGS Service Enterprise.  It supports multi-channel delivery across email, web services and files, database and so on, and allows consistent process adoption through these channels. The templatized solution framework allows Glory to meet specific end-customer demands within a short turnaround time. It provides highly configurable end-to-end data management tools giving business users the flexibility to manage complex data attributes independently.



Cost of maintenance


Overall reusability achieved


Customers on-boarded


Daily transactions supported

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