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Moving to green mortgages by funding home energy efficiency initiatives

The climate emergency is here and its rapid acceleration can potentially have a devastating impact across the spectrum. Fighting climate change has thus become a top priority globally. In the Banking and Financial Services industry, the focus on climate change has put sustainable financing in the spotlight and banks are embracing sustainable options. One area where banks can make a big difference is mortgages. With building emissions at a record high, the mortgage segment must leverage technology-driven innovation to transform existing ’brown’ mortgages into green ones. To make this a reality, banks will need to embrace technology to offer green mortgage products and educate customers on energy efficient mortgage options.

Greening the existing mortgage portfolio will require a systematic approach with the following steps:

  • Classify mortgage portfolios

  • Identify energy efficient initiatives

  • Build green mortgage ecosystems

  • Enable a digital mortgage platform

Karthik Kumar

Global Head, Mortgage Practice, Banking, Financial Services and Insurance, TCS

Nidhi Khanna

Head, Pre-sales and Solutions, Mortgage Strategic Initiative, Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance, TCS

Jay Naik

Solution Consultant, Mortgage Strategic Initiative, Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance, TCS


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