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In the disruptive digital era, insurers are prioritizing the creation of resilient and adaptable core systems with Guidewire for product innovationsuperior customer experience, and improved time to market. These Guidewire transformations have multiple challenges, such as customizations, complex integrations, user adoption, cloud migration/deployment, and version upgrades. Insurers need to collaborate to address the challenges and maximize business value in their Guidewire transformation journey. 



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Companies are leveraging new technologies to create an inclusive circular economy

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TCS Solution

Designed for end-to-end business process transformation for insurers, TCS Services for Guidewire include: 

  • Digital Services: Human-centered UI/UX design and implementation services that help build and sustain a purpose-centric service organization

  • Advisory & Implementation Services: Guidewire transformation roadmap, configuration and integration, policy conversion, automation-aided transformation assurance, and organization change management

  • Cloud Migration & Implementation Services: Assistance with moving Guidewire either to PaaS or SaaS (Guidewire Cloud, powered by AWS) 

  • Guidewire Upgrade & Maintenance Services: Automation-led, Machine-First™ managed services maintenance with the right blend of Guidewire product knowledge and tools 

  • Data Services: Domain-led implementation services that include data management, governance, and implementation of Guidewire DataHub, Guidewire Business Intelligence and Guidewire Predictive Analytics


With TCS Services for Guidewire, insurance companies can get numerous benefits:

  • Holistic Business-Centric Approach: Early realization of benefits using context-based and domain-driven location independent agile-first approach

  • Speed-to-Market: Faster delivery with automation-driven and risk-mitigated approach enabled by proven accelerators

  • Enhanced User Experience: Multi-modal, omnichannel, and personalized engagement for customers and agents, enabling enterprises to excel in a digital economy 

  • Cost Containment: Reduction in overall cost of ownership of the Guidewire portfolio using our Machine-First™ approach, thereby improving operational excellence