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Healthcare: Opportunity for a Digital Generation Leap 

Better healthcare leveraging low-touch ecosystem 

Technology is going to be a key enabler for better healthcare through COVID-19 crisis and beyond. Healthcare industry is likely to adopt the mindset of continuous innovation and continuous transformation in the face of the COVID-19 crisis with quality of care being top priority. Healthcare enterprises are also evolving their operating models to become resilient, adapt to the evolving needs of the world at large, as well as prepare to play a key role in the emerging purpose-centric ecosystems over the long term.

While, the current focus is obviously on making it out of the crisis, healthcare industry is witnessing three key emerging trends:

  1. Accelerated adoption of digital technologies and solutions
  2. Regulatory focus on ensuring patients receive remote high quality care
  3. State, public and private enterprises collaborate to proactively share information to manage care and prevent future pandemics


Nitin Kumar

Global Head, Healthcare Business Unit


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