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While life sciences organizations have long used in-person product detailing as their primary sales strategy, this model is being challenged as healthcare professionals (HCPs) have less time for face-to-face meetings-. Nowadays, HCPs prefer accessing digital channels for research updates, scientific and medical information as well as to connect with their peer group. Thus, to align with the change, life sciences companies are reimagining the way they engage with digitally-savvy HCPs.  

TCS Solution

TCS’ HCP Engagement Platform is an online, self-detailing solution that allows HCPs to access medical information, product detailing and latest research updates. The platform features include:

  • Targeted content: Delivers tailored, rich, interactive multimedia content to HCPs through digital channels in line with compliance requirement
  • Self-paced online training: Maintains a repository of medical information, training courses with quizzes and certificates
  • Peer-to-peer collaboration: Encourages HCPs to engage with peers by uploading real-life unique cases and/or procedures
  • Discussion forum: Fosters HCP collaboration over online forums. Allows HCPs to discuss and solve real-world unique cases
  • Virtual connect: Allows HCPs to virtually connect with peers via video/web conferencing, podcasts and so on
  • In-built analytics: Captures data to derive actionable marketing insights to refine future collaboration strategies


  • Improve HCP Relationship - Cater to online professional education needs
  • Facilitate peer-to-peer collaboration: Encourage HCPs to learn from peers and experts
  • Optimize sales expenditure – Optimize or reduce face-to-face meetings with HCPs
  • Derive rich data insights – Track HCPs’ online behavior and enable superior analytics
  • Deliver Right Message at the Right Time – Engage better with HCPs and key opinion leaders to enhance brand equity
  • Minimize IT costs – Leverage our cloud-based solution with a pay-per-use pricing model
  • Enhanced HCP Convenience – Anytime, anywhere access to rich interactive medical information 

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