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Healthcare Providers & COVID-19: Need for a Plan to Combat Security Threats 

Cybersecurity: Driving security needs of healthcare providers 

COVID-19 has triggered changes that have impacted IT infrastructure. There is need to protect information for healthcare providers and be responsive to the pitfalls that come in the way and rise above the challenges of identity, access and privilege management, security threats and patching operations for servers, network firewalls. These threats are also going to last a while. Organizations need to invest in long term risk and governance initiatives.

Cybersecurity leveraging digital technologies is the need of hour. It includes:

  • Phase-wise building of defense mechanism. Securing new digital health care services like teleconsultation and telemedicine
  • Adoption of shared services and cloud-based models that can help accelerate defense mechanism
  • Focus on digitization and automation as remote work (patient and provider infrastructure) will prevail. The devices and data are required to be secure for seamless information flow 
Geetali Raj

Solutions Consultant, Cyber Security, TCS

Muthuselvan Nallamuthu

Business Manager, Healthcare, TCS

Prashant Deo

Domain Consultant, Cyber Security, TCS


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