TCS Business Process Services positioned in ‘Winner’s Circle’ in HfS’ Blueprint Report on Retail BPO Operations

In this Blueprint report, HfS profiles TCS' Retail BPS capabilities highlighting its strengths:

  • Strong execution of ecommerce support: TCS has a large footprint in digital content management, promotion management and search engine optimization and is helping several retailers grow and integrate their ecommerce business alongside the brick-and-mortar business. As an example, TCS is helping a retailer  manage 600,000 products as the sole provider working on onboarding products and managing vendor interactions, running over 400,000 promotions annually on their ecommerce platform.

  • Existing client relationships: TCS has existing IT relationships with retail clients, to whom it can cross-sell core retail operations services with relative ease, along with analytics and other emerging technology solutions.

  • IT-BPO synergy: TCS demonstrated multiple examples of how using both IT and BPO strengths collaboratively has impacted outcomes for retailers. For example, inventory management processes were improved by bringing in a scanning and electronic record retention solution and automated process controls in workflows.

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