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Adopting HPC systems to overcome performance and business challenges

In the current environment, BFSI firms face enormous challenges in simultaneously meeting the demands of scalability and performance and building resilient systems that withstand disruptions. Embarking on this transformation journey has been difficult due to server constraints in the cloud environment and network latency overheads. A structured approach towards high performance computing (HPC) becomes a necessity to achieve business agility.

Transformation poses performance challenges; hence, it becomes imperative to look at the right HPC architecture and solution for enhanced performance. Some factors to consider while implementing a HPC solution:

·         A structured framework to analyze business requirements

·         System must account for current and future scaling needs

·         Modernizing high-cost legacy systems and transforming systems

Leveraging the ecosystem of HPC solution enablers and service providers can help BFSI firms with optimal decisions and help future-proof systems to deliver per the required levels of scalability and performance.

Sridhar Sowmiyanarayanan

Solution Architect, Technology Advisory Group, BFSI, TCS

Avinash N Wagh

Senior Solution Architect, Technology Advisory Group, BFSI, TCS


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