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TCS Powers Hitachi’s Business Growth
Ryuichi Otsuki, Vice President and Executive Officer, Hitachi Ltd., discusses how his organization’s relationship with TCS has evolved over the years, and the role TCS has played in supporting Hitachi’s business growth.
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Hitachi Ltd.
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Efficiency Improvement Process Standardization Technology Operations

Experience Results

Ryuichi talks about the global F&A shared services center set up by TCS, and how it has enabled Hitachi to improve efficiency and standardize processes through IT automation.

Experience Partnership

He talks about TCS’ collaborative style of working and team oriented approach. Ryuichi mentions, “TCS has worked collaboratively with Hitachi to develop innovative prototype solutions that address business problems of the customers in domains such as Utilities, Finance, Telecommunications, Healthcare, and so on.”

Experience Leadership

Ryuichi highlights how TCS has not just made a positive impact on Hitachi’s profits, but has also helped improve the top line significantly.

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