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Bedazzled by Blockchain? Know what it Spells for the High Tech Industry.

The blockchain technology will create ripples in the high tech industry – here’s how  

While blockchain is set to make great strides all across, the reception it gets from industry players ranges from skepticism to absolute confidence. In this edition of ‘HiTech Insights’, we seek to explore how this disruptive technology is likely to mold the future of the high tech industry. We discuss how blockchain can be adopted by high tech companies in the areas of supply chain, loyalty and reward programs, digital rights management, audit trail compliance, digital identity, and HR background checks, bringing about unprecedented business impacts.

This edition features:

  • Foreword by Nagaraj Ijari, Vice President and Global Head of the HiTech business unit at TCS, outlining key areas where the high tech industry seeks to leverage blockchain
  • White papers on:
    • Riding the blockchain wave for high tech: Six use cases that the industry can explore
    • Digital Advertising, Blockchain(ed): New revenue models for the digital advertising industry, and how fraudulent activity can be kept at bay
    • Rekindle Loyalty Programs Using Blockchain: Leveraging the technology to enhance customer experience thereby building brand advocacy
    • Harness Abundance the Blockchain Way: Building a transparent supply chain for higher efficiencies
HiTech Insights

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