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The Challenge

Like any other industry, customer retention is a challenge facing most independent software vendors (ISVs). Besides innovative product and service offerings, ISVs must offer exceptional customer support to establish top-of-mind recall and drive customer loyalty. ISVs need fast, reliable, and proactive customer service to tackle issues like slow ticket resolution and dependence on agents for minor issues, which force customers to switch brands while renewing their licenses .  


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TCS Solution

TCS offers an innovative software support-as-a-service (SSaaS) solution to help ISVs manage their product support function efficiently. The solution automates the resolution of repetitive and 'how to' questions through the following features:

  • An omnichannel capability to handle customer queries across e-mail, chat, social media forums, and more
  • A built-in AI-based chatbot and in-app navigation serves as the first line of customer support
  • A smart ticketing system that tracks, prioritizes, and checks the status of existing tickets
  • Social media and multilingual support to address customer queries in different languages


TCS’ solution offers the following benefits:

  • Increased efficiency with automated resolution of repetitive tickets
  • Faster ticket resolution with an AI-based chatbot and in-app navigation
  • Augmented knowledge base to provide customers contextual learning on the go
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction with self-help guides and FAQs to resolve issues faster
  • Improved productivity with transparent end-to-end ticketing workflow management
  • Optimized commercial model with flexible per ticket-based pricing