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Need for customer journey-driven business model for experience-driven operations

Life insurance, pensions, annuities, and retirement services customers interact with their financial services providers through various channels of their choice such as different portals, phone, IVR, email, chat messengers, chatbots, and other electronic mediums for inquiry and transactional requests. It becomes a significant business challenge for them to manage end-to-end customer service experience due to the issues such as:

  • Diverse nature of requests
  • Multi-transaction, multi-function, multi-touchpoint, multi-channel nature of interactions
  • Traditional operations approach of customer request handling and management which is more discrete, episodic and fragmented

The challenge can be tackled effectively by adopting a customer journey-based approach driven by a holistic view of customer-organization interactions that are business outcome-driven to seamlessly deliver services to customers across multiple touchpoints and channels.

Sathish Punyakoti

Transformation Strategist, TCS BFSI Platforms


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