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How Analytics Is Reinvigorating Retail


Since the 1990s, popular retailers have reimagined online retail buying experience, challenging business models and traditional practices. These retail giants harness the power of advanced analytics to gain deep insights into the modern customer’s journey from buying preferences, delivery choices, and more.

With the combined power of data and analytics, retailers have become innovators, fueling innovation and digital transformation. Insights from data and analytics enable smart stores to stock and re-stock shelves, checkouts have become simpler and faster, all at the convenience of mobile apps.

Targeting customers, hyper personalizing offerings, and optimizing prices are easier with the combined power of the internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. This empowers today’s retailers to become agile, automated, intelligent, and operate and scale on the cloud. They can, therefore, redefine their customers’ shopping experiences, which in turn, ensures success in their digital transformation journey.

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