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Add to Calendar 2020-08-04 07:30:00 2020-08-04 08:30:00 Europe/London TCS BaNCS -SIFMA Live Event How can Digital Technologies Harness Data to Transform the Back-Office? Live Event

Live Event

SIFMA and TCS BaNCS hosted a Live Event on 'How can Digital Technologies Harness Data to Transform the Back-Office?' on 4th August 2020. You can watch the video on-demand from this link.


  • Giles Elliott, Head of Business Development, Capital Markets, TCS


  • Nickolas Delikaris, Managing Director, Global Head of Algorithmic Trading, State Street Global Markets (Global Markets/Custodian)
  • Paul Lacey, Managing Director, Wells Fargo
  • Vikrant Goyal, Global Co-Head – IT Product Strategy and Vendor Relationship, BNP Securities Services
  • Arun Arunachalam, Head, Product Management – Banking, Capital Markets and Insurance, TCS BaNCS

Capital markets firms are constantly looking at ways to progress further up the value chain for their clients. And this is where the back-office comes in.

Pivotal to front-office efficiency and better customer service, how can the back-office of today navigate the path of emerging digital and data technologies and contribute to building the innovation pipeline? How can it help unlock the potential of intelligent automation and bring in a more customer-centric focus on data?

SIFMA, TCS BaNCS and a panel of industry experts explored the impact of digital and data transformation on financial services and how agile back-office operations can better meet evolving product development. 

To know more about TCS BaNCS’ participation at the live event, please write to us at

Viewpoint: Data in the Capital Markets - A Game Changer

How can back-office data be leveraged during trading or settling a short position? Can back-office data be used to influence decision taken at the point of trade? Find out more.

Viewpoint: Aren’t Data and Digital two sides of the same coin?

The conventional narrative on back office data has for long hovered around – How long to keep data in the production database? How soon can it be archived, say, five, seven or nine years? How to create a single source of truth? How can we extract the right intelligence to create customer reports? And, so on. Back office data was seen as more of a compliance requirement with a need for secure efficient storage and timely access when needed.

Is there another way to view back office data? A warehouse of intelligence, perhaps? Read more.


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