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Howmet Undergoes Seamless Business Separation

Howmet migrates to scalable enterprise cloud platform under TCS-led business restructuring

Howmet Aerospace Inc.
Energy & Resources-Metals
Enterprise Application Services Cloud Infrastructure Consulting and Service Integration


Howmet needed seamless business separation and restructuring to maximize shareholder value

In 2019, Arconic Inc., a leading global provider of aerospace and defense products, announced the separation of its business portfolio into two enterprises, Arconic Corp. and Howmet Aerospace Inc., to explore new markets and maximize shareholder value.  This required that IT assets, applications and infrastructure be divided, all in under a year. To ensure this, Howmet Aerospace needed an end-to-end technology transformation program, covering all business areas, including core ERP systems, enterprise and business applications remediation, infrastructure and global network separation.



A fit-for-purpose TCS solution ensured seamless separation, tech transformation at Howmet.

Working as a strategic partner with Arconic Inc., TCS designed and executed a successful business decoupling program for Howmet Aerospace Inc. The TCS team considered various aspects such as scalability, current templates, virtualized and non-virtualized infrastructure, and existing production environments to ensure the separation program was delivered on time, within budget, and with favorable outcomes in the first time itself, when the project was executed.

Leveraging the TCS enterprise cloud platform, the team laid down the foundation block of cloud instance migration with standard and non-standard computation flexibility. The implementation of TCS’ Global Network Delivery Model™ and TCS Location Independent Agile™ frameworks enabled 20+ work streams across the globe (onshore & offshore) to collaborate and deliver timely results.

Keeping automation its focus, TCS eliminated the need for manual intervention in areas such as data conversion and code remediation. Additionally, being well-versed with the firm’s application portfolio helped TCS ensure the business restructuring project was a success.

"With TCS Enterprise Cloud, we are quickly able to scale in whatever direction the business takes," Edward Portolese, CIO, Howmet Aerospace Inc.

TCS delivers an impeccable business separation program at Howmet Aerospace Inc.

Our customer-centric approach ensured seamless division of resources within time and budget. The TCS team also helped Howmet Aerospace realize their full potential by enabling core businesses through enterprise systems and technologies.

The TCS-led business separation and restructuring program at Howmet led to:

  • Standardization of IT Environment


Seamless Division of Servers


Remediation of Applications


Reallocation of mailboxes

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