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Using technology to focus on employee wellness, here’s how HR needs to adapt

The human resource (HR) organizations across industries are today faced with myriad challenges that include managing layoffs, enterprise restructuring, ensuring employees’ emotional wellness, adhering to government regulations, and adapting to a newer, remote way of working. The post-pandemic business landscape demands that HR adapts newer practices to manage human capital better.  This paper explores the top focus areas for enterprise HR in a post-pandemic workplace:  

⦁ Embracing digital 

⦁ Carving out policies tailored to geography and industry

⦁ Using real-time data and analytics to boost employee safety and productivity

⦁ Doing succession planning to be better prepared in times of crisis, and for business continuity

⦁ Incentivizing employees to focus on continual learning

⦁ Building crisis management teams to steer the enterprise to safety in times of business exigencies

Rajiv Kumar,

Head, HR, Middle-East and Africa (MEA), TCS

Vasu Uppili

Head, Technology & Solutions, Delivery and Operations, MEA, TCS


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