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Reinventing Employee Experience for the Distributed Work Model

As employees continue to work from home and enterprises define return to work policies, resilient businesses continue investing in their employees because they see certainty on the horizon. But the future of work has changed. HR must operate with employee experience (EX) strategies grounded in digitally led approaches designed for highly distributed, location-independent work models and conducive for an increasingly diverse workforce.

Intelligent, agile and automation powered by cloud-based solutions are the building blocks to enable reimagined HR processes from across the hire-to-retire spectrum. Digital EX strategies help HR operating in variety of work environments to:

  • Acquire and retain top talent from a global, myriad pool of candidates with specialized skills
  • Empower employees with hyper personalized training to strengthen skills and achieve professional growth
  • Engage employees for greater productivity and business performance

A Seamless Experience for New Employees

Even before the onset of the recent crisis, talent acquisition and management were shifting towards using talent marketplaces to find workers with specialized skills for projects rather than focused on roles. Now it is more challenging with limited face-to-face time. Digital technologies—such as intelligent automation, AI and cognitive—and a well-structured infrastructure, process and integrated operations help to source and screen candidates in a virtual environment and provide a seamless, consumer-like experience.

Digitized onboarding processes accelerate administrative tasks, enable remote communication mechanisms and help to rapidly acclimate new joiners to an organization. Leverage people analytics personalize interactions, engage employees, evaluate diversity level, set goals, and influence change.

These interactions create a positive candidate experience and reinforces an enterprise’s reputation as a great place to work.

Empowerment from Knowledge

The boundarylessness of working virtually is creating new possibilities. Employees want the flexibility to adapt and build new skills, new productivity approaches and new policies, including diversity and inclusion. But they want training to be easier to navigate, personalized to their needs, and relevant to their goals.

HR is reinventing learning strategies through micro-learning, virtual and interactive modules, and learning on the job, that is available anytime, anywhere, on any device. To deliver a superlative professional growth experience, HR must build, curate, distribute, and measure the use and applicability of immersive and engaging content. They need to consider digital Learning Experience Platforms (LXP) and AI to ensure employees find the right content. A real time persona driven dashboard leveraging learning analytics provides visibility and actionable insights to CHROs.

Digital Building Blocks for HR

Operating in unknown territory is unsettling for HR today. However, employee engagement, the goal of employee experience has not changed; it’s only become more of an imperative. By embracing digital building blocks, HR can also drive engagement with a rich, personalized experience. They also pave the way for exponential experience as they empower their employees to maximize opportunities and embrace risk.

The new distributed model lends itself to talent marketplaces – a concept that pairs a business’ talent needs with people based anywhere in the world. With shifting resource needs, these AI-based talent matching solutions create a frictionless environment that connects people with role opportunities.

Embracing data democratization enables HR to operationalize people data to drive successful HR programs for return to work, learning & development, wellness and more.

A machine-first approach helps to remove the bot out of the human and enables employees to improve their focus on value generation. This also scales operations thereby reducing undue pressure on human workforce and improving work life balance.

In today’s world, intelligent-based solutions are needed more than ever. AI-based operations offset manual processing that is labor-intensive. HR virtual assistance based on conversational intelligence systems provide employees 24x7 HR support—especially during times of crisis, where people have an avalanche of questions related to wellness, pay, policy, process, supply chain and more.

Future-ready systems help HR be agile to pivot, as disruption impacts the workforce and to remain focused on the future of work.

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