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Humanizing Work for Digital Workplace of the Future

Leveraging human-centric solutions for successful digital workplace transformation

Recent changes have transformed work, workplace and workforce. To thrive, not just survive, companies must take a human-centered approach to work and workplace, putting employee experience at the core of their transformation journey.

Future work models need to put the employee at the center and design for efficiency and creativity for them. For a successful digital workplace transformation, companies need to humanize technologies enabling work to flow seamlessly without increasing cost of productivity or causing employee fatigue. The focus areas include:

  • Persona-based digital workspaces

  • Learning while working

  • Integrated business applications

  • Contextual knowledge experiences

  • Humanized automation

  • Humanized unified collaborative tools

  • Transforming offices into brainstorming and ideation centers

Nishith Mathur

Head, Marketing, Alliances & Analyst Relations, Digital Workplace, Microsoft Business Unit, TCS


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