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HyperOps leverages AI-powered design to recover and rediscover business situations

In an organization, operations technology addresses various planning, operations, and maintenance activities covering a range of business goals. Under the Industry 4.0 system, the technology involves the configuration, control, monitoring, and tuning of sensors or devices in an industrial environment, following different shapes and functions depending on the sector of interest. There is a great deal of potential for many sectors to make operations and maintenance catering smarter. SmartOps concentrated on focused processes and automation has resulted in point concerns being solved by siloed technology. HyperOps is an end-to-end philosophy of planning to sustenance that leverages resilient architecture driven by artificial intelligence to recover, rediscover and adapt to emerging market situations. The AI-driven secure HyperOps with next-gen technologies plays a major role in planning, operations, maintenance, and sustenance. It is poised to become the new normal for the enterprise in the years ahead.

Dr. Jayavardhana Gubbi

Senior Scientist, TCS Research

Dr. Balamuralidhar Purushothaman

TCS Distinguished Chief Scientist and Head of Robotics and Autonomous System, TCS Research

Dr. Arpan Pal

TCS Distinguished Chief Scientist and Head of Embedded Devices and Intelligent Systems, TCS Research

Mahesh Rangarajan

TCS Distinguished Engineer and Head of Semantic Systems Accelerator, TCS Research


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