Moving Complexity to the EDGE: How Unify Simplified its IT to Serve the Business Better

This IDC Manufacturing Insights report provides an overview of IT management best practices at Unify (formerly Siemens Enterprise Communications). The report also talks about how TCS helped Unify simplify its IT landscape to serve the business better and create competitive advantage. The study is based on interviews with Unify and TCS, with contributions from:

  • Günther Ernst — CIO, Unify
  • Naresh Singh — Client Partner and IT Strategy Consultant, Tata Consultancy Services

Excerpts from the report

Siemens Enterprise Communications — now Unify — was a traditional high-tech manufacturing company struggling to compete with competition. Lower production volumes combined with higher component costs than those paid by the larger competitors were dramatically reducing the company's profitability. The need for a radical transformation became apparent. Thus, Unify decided to embrace a service-centric strategy to create competitive advantage and increase profit margins. Unify undertook a multi-year transformation journey for simplifying the IT landscape to better align with the business.

This report focuses on how Unify achieved this objective by:

  • Moving complexity to the edge
  • Implementing a customer service platform
  • Reducing the number of IT service providers

This report further discusses why Unify selected TCS and how TCS played an important role in its IT transformation journey. 

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