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IDC Perspective – TCS’ Remote Monitoring solution for Triveni Turbines

IDC has published an article on how TCS helped Triveni Turbines to provide market differentiating customer service using remote monitoring solution. The article also talks about challenges faced during development, how the solution was built and how value is being created.

According to IDC –

  • Manufacturers should tie expected IoT project outcomes to the digital transformation strategy set out by the C-suite.
  • The success of externally focused IoT solutions rests on the customer's acceptance of those offerings.
  • Customers should consider engaging with third-party services firms that can provide guidance on bridging the IT/OT divide

Speaking to IDC about TCS, Triveni has said :-

"Triveni believes that working with TCS, a company that already had experience in this space and used agile development methodologies, helped in getting to market much faster than it could have on its own. Triveni also appreciated that TCS could serve as a single provider for consultative, engineering, and hosting services"

Download this report, for more insights from IDC on the success factors for Triveni turbines, and the key learnings to consider in your digital journey.

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