IDC Perspective - Addressing Manufacturing Gaps through Technologies in Asia Pacific

This report sheds light on gaps in manufacturing processes in Asia Pacific (excluding Japan) and how technologies can help bridge these. An excerpt:

“Manufacturers look for IT services and integration players that exhibit a wide array of deployment capabilities with specific understanding of the industry processes. The other key objective that encourage organizations to leverage service vendor capability is the need to reduce continuously the total cost of ownership (TCO) either through outsourcing maintenance costs or reducing associated reskilling efforts.”

It goes on to add that TCS’ Business 4.0TM thought leadership framework, which helps manufacturing operations embark on a digital transformation journey, leverages digital technologies along four key pillars: intelligence, agility, automation, and cloud. “The manufacturing capabilities of TCS involve optimizing product and operation costs, supply chain transformation, and manufacturing operation excellence. TCS has four major manufacturing verticals with services across the complete value stream,” the report states, highlighting two case studies that demonstrate TCS’ technology capabilities in the manufacturing space.