IDC SWOT: TCS Business Process Services

In this report IDC profiles TCS' capabilities and performance for the following:

  • Strong key horizontal BPS and industry-specific BPS offerings as well as platform BPS solutions
  • Robust analytics and Big Data services offerings
  • Used cases demonstrating an exponentially transformative impact on customers’ business metrics
  • Differentiated global delivery capability
  • Non-linear business models
  • Mobile and social Business Process Services

It highlights how TCS’ BPS has grown considerably and provides a right mix of people and technology to assist its customers. Its analytical capability which delivers insight to customers covers a broad spectrum of analytics services including fraud/risk, anti-money laundering, consumer analytics etc. TCS has also built multiple platforms across different BPS categories and migrated large clients to the company’s own industry-specific technology platform that has helped deliver business process as a service (BPaaS). 

The report further provides a comprehensive view of the various horizontal, industry-specific services and platform solutions that TCS offers, their respective strengths and weaknesses and how TCS perceives these offerings changing in the future.

It also provides some interesting insights into how the company has helped customers be more nimble through its automated, self-service, configurable type of services.

This IDC report is an essential read to understand the factors that have helped TCS grow to be an industry leader in domain business process services and the value that its customers have derived.

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