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Identity and access management (IAM) has emerged as a major concern area for enterprises due to the wide adoption of cloud, bring-your-own-device/identity (BYOD/I) practices and regulations such as GDPR. Passwords and other basic authentication systems are not enough for hybrid IT landscapes. With complex contexts and technology making in-house IAM unfeasible, companies need robust solutions that can combine differing facets of organizational access with ease of governance and cost optimization

TCS Solution

TCS helps enterprises resolve IAM challenges by working closely with in-house teams for seamless transition of existing solutions to a digital identity as a managed service offering. IdentiFence™ addresses identity perimeter risks via automated security controls. The offering harnesses agility and the power of automation and analytics to ensure right access for digital identities to digital assets for desired business outcomes. With rapid application integration across on-premise and multi-cloud infrastructure and application workloads, IdentiFence includes:

  • IGAaaMS for identity governance and administration controls. It automates identity lifecycle (joiners-movers-leavers) processes and ensures risk-based access governance
  • PAMaaMS for management of privileged access across infrastructure, applications and databases, including privileged threat analytics
  • WAMaaMS for access management controls for web and mobile applications enables customer-facing IAM


  • Addresses unique business needs, safeguarding identity landscape
  • Maintains risk mitigation and compliance, offering couple security through a risk-driven approach
  • Ensures data security and privacy through a secure design philosophy
  • Accelerates value-to-market, reducing roll-out time and rapidly extending coverage
  • Enhances user experience with federated single sign-on (SSO) at self-service nodes
  • Reduces total cost of ownership, maximizing returns

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