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Drone Operator inspecting construction building



How are Drones Impacting the Metals and Mining Sector

Finding application of drones to propel mining industry forward

Drones offer significant applications across various stages of M&M value chain including visual information, site planning, site and surrounding inspections, mapping activities and hazard identification.  However, varying rules and regulations, limited drone flying capacity and lack of experience vendors make drone adoption a challenge. Through validation across value chain, analysis of acceptability, compatibility check, availability check, ROI determination, and benefits realization organizations can successfully leverage drones for mining exploration. This enables:

  • Safety during site inspection
  • Cost optimization through visual monitoring
  • Safeguarding of equipment inspection
  • Reduced risk of illegal mining
  • Accelerated data collection


Swayambhu Dutta

Research Analyst, TCS

Soumya Banerjee

Research Lead, TCS


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