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Generate value from customer engagement and create new revenue streams

Although a necessity, inbound contact centers are typically considered a cost overhead. With customer interactions becoming increasingly virtual and self-service oriented, there is little scope for organizations to pitch new ideas or products to existing customers via the contact center route. Add to that the constraints on consent driven telemarketing and you have a whole lot of challenges to tackle.

It is therefore critical for organizations to understand that a five-minute interaction with a customer over a service call at a contact center can be an important revenue stream as it can help cross-sell and upsell, thereby generating new business.

Has your organization hit the right balance between customer service and new business opportunities? Bringing in phygital tools at the contact center can be a game changer. It will help:

  • Humanize the digital experience that the organization envisions

  • Improve long-term relationships with customers, guaranteeing repeat business

  • Optimize costs and increase revenues

Vivek Bose

Domain Expert, Banking, Financial Services and Insurance, TCS

Jaideep Kalgutkar

Senior Consultant, Banking, Financial Services and Insurance, TCS


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