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Indian task force wants to ease AI into its society, not disrupt its people

How can artificial intelligence fit into human life and society in India? That will be the primary focus of this high-powered team tasked by the Indian government to understand and recommend how best AI can be shoehorned into India, the largest contributor to the global workforce in the next 10 years.

The 18-member task force, set up by the central government on August 25, has been asked to make recommendations to leverage AI, widely acknowledged as an altering force in the world economy in the next few decades, for the country’s economic benefit. Dr. Gautam Shroff, TCS Vice President & Chief Scientist is part of this 18 member AI task force. Other mission objectives include a policy and legal framework to accelerate deployment of AI technology and five-year recommendations for specific government, industry, and research programmes.

The task force has identified over a dozen domains of focus. These include manufacturing, fintech, healthcare, agriculture/food processing, education, retail/customer engagement, human and robot interaction/intelligent automation, UIDAI (India’s citizen ID project) and big data, environment, and national security. The panel will also provide recommendations on enabling AI technology development, AI entrepreneurship, and AI product commercialisation.


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