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TCS HOBS, Catalog-Driven Platform for Digital Businesses in a Connected World

Open Digital Platforms enabling Opportunity ready service providers in today's connected world

Customer centricity, product simplification, business agility, and ecosystem play are at the core of CSPs’ transformation to digital businesses. The rapid evolution of technologies in the new digital era is necessitating a paradigm shift in the way CSPs operate. Most of the CSPs are still operating their digital core on rigid legacy systems or modern but heavily customized solutions, impacting their ability to be flexible and agile.

This Pathfinder Report outlines five aspects that operators need to focus on to improve their readiness to be an opportunity-ready provider:

  • Simplified Core
  • Ecosystem development
  • Customer centricity
  • Speed of innovation / Speed of Delivery
  • Operational efficiency

TCS HOBS, a next-generation platform for CSPs, is leading the way in supporting enterprises in their transformation to digital businesses by providing them a cloud-based, catalog-driven platform. The platform offers unique standout features that help CSPs advance in their digital transformation journeys and can help:

  • Rapidly transform digital core
  • Monetize Connected Services
  • Launch a new business such as a digital division, cloud, fiber broadband, or VNO
  • Deploy a centralized product catalog to improve channel experience, mass personalization, and time-to market
  • Improve margins by proactively discovering and managing revenue leaks
  • Automate network configuration and improve operational efficiency in telco and enterprise network management


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