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Matthew Moyer

Director of Clinical Supply Technology

Matt works as a Director of Clinical Supply Technology at Merck. Having possessed an overall 20 years of pharmaceutical experience with 17 years at Merck, Matt has worked across diverse areas including analytical development, packaging and Clinical Suppl Operations (CSO). In the current role, he leads the incorporation of innovative clinical supply and clinical trial technologies to improve supply production, trial execution, patient engagement, and decision making in Merck clinical trials. Matt is also responsible for enabling global readiness of new CSO facilities, equipment, technologies, and processes, ensuring Merck meets evolving business dynamics for quality and safety, and improving supply production and distribution. In addition to the Merck responsibilities, from 2017-2019, Matt led the TransCelerate Patient Technology team to enable and accelerate clinical trial use of patient-facing digital technology, leading to richer, more objective data collection and enhanced patient experience.  

Matt is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and has earned a BS in Chemistry from Albright College, an MS in Pharmaceutics from Temple University, an MBA from Lehigh University.

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