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Boost Your Career with TCS Salesforce

Mahesh Gothal

For the longest time, the customer has always been the core of worldwide enterprises. However, now more than ever, Customer Experience (CX) has gained immense significance as a key brand differentiator. Not surprisingly, global organizations have been looking to CX for boosting their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to position their brand. The adoption of Salesforce has been a game-changer towards this objective.

What is Salesforce?, Inc. is an innovative cloud computing company specializing in CRM that is one of the best and most popular solutions in the world. It has pioneered the idea of CRM in the cloud. In addition to CRM for Sales and Marketing, it offers a complete customer success platform solution to manage all interactions with prospects and customers to drive customer growth.

Why Salesforce?

Did you know that Salesforce has been ranked the number one CRM provider for the seventh consecutive year by International Data Corporation (IDC)?

Salesforce’s products are convenient and cost-effective as they run entirely in the cloud, thereby avoiding the expensive maintenance and setup costs. With cloud technology, the employees can work at any time from wherever they are by using any device such as smartphone, tablet, laptop if there’s an internet connection. This paradigm shift in the way enterprise software is used and delivered makes Salesforce the preferred choice for organizations of any size and scale, from small businesses to large enterprises.

Salesforce has developed a variety of products for offering an end-to-end solution that can cater to mainly what the enterprises are looking for, depending on their industry type, nature of business, requirements, etc.

Is Salesforce for you?

Whether you click or code, there is a Salesforce career option for everyone with roles such as Sales/Service/Marketing Consultant to Salesforce Project Manager, Architect, Technical Lead, Business Analyst, Developer, and QA Tester. Salesforce jobs are increasingly sought-after by employees across various sectors. 

Salesforce is a future-forward and fulfilling career option:

  • About 4.2 million jobs will be created in the Salesforce ecosystem by 2024

  • $1.2 trillion of new business revenues from 2019 to 2024

Source: Trailhead IDC whitepaper and Burning Glass Report

There is an increasing shift from working on-premise technology to on-demand technology and Salesforce is at the forefront of it. From Developers to Project Managers, Salesforce has emerged as one of the hottest skills for IT and business professionals. 

What you need

Any specialized career stream usually calls for a good understanding of some primary skills. These skills, when learned, can give you a strong foundation. The skill-related demands and expectations for a career in Salesforce vary depending on the roles and requirements of the organizations. Hence, it is rather difficult to come up with an all-inclusive list featuring must-have skills. However, we have attempted to highlight the desired skills and characteristics required to progress in a Salesforce career.

There is no academic requisite to learn Salesforce. However, if you have work experience as an administrator or a developer, it might give you a head start in terms of learning the concepts related to Salesforce Administrator and Platform App Builder roles. Usually, you need not necessarily have coding knowledge to understand the Salesforce Admin concept.

Scope and merits of the classification of the Salesforce technology stack

Although you might only work in development initially, there is immense scope in Salesforce to learn CRM business functionalities as you progress. Additionally, you will primarily do customization in Apex (like Java) and Visualforce (like HTML), while gaining exposure to Javascript, especially jQuery and CSS.

Salesforce platform uses multiple programming languages like Apex (similar to Java), Visualforce, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jquery; Front end frameworks (Angular, React, Ember, etc.), Integration APIs (SOAP & REST), ETL (DataStage, Informatica, etc.)… list goes on and on.

It’s not just coding that you focus on as a salesforce developer. Salesforce out of the box functionality is mapped to the various business process. Salesforce journey will help in enhancing your functional skills and understanding of Customer Relationship Management complete lifecycle that involves Sales, Support, Marketing, Analytics, and many more.

Our associates get options to decide their career path based on their aspirations and interests. They also get opportunities to contribute by collaborating with PreSales, CoE, Product & Innovation, and Competency Development groups. Salesforce certification vouchers and training are available for the development of their unique skills.

The takeaway

Salesforce does a release every three months and therein lies learning opportunities.

Trailhead, Salesforce's gamified online learning platform takes users on a free and guided learning path so that they can gain in-demand job skills of the future. Trailhead, being accessible to everyone, has been empowering individuals to reinvent their careers and lead their companies through innovation. All you need is internet connectivity and a computer with a browser!

You can find instructions videos on YouTube to create Salesforce Developer Account (completely free) by doing a keyword search Salesforce Development Org.

Keep a close eye on Salesforce level-up campaigns where they reward free vouchers for Salesforce certifications. Additionally, you might want to join the @SalesforceA group on the Telegram app. This is where you will find the latest sample questions and, as a Salesforce aspirant, can also post your queries and have them resolved.

TCS Salesforce Practice has a six weeks competency-building program to train TCS associates. We have successfully trained associates from OOPS (Java, .Net, C++, etc.), CRM (Sibel, Microsoft Dynamics, etc.) products, Integration, ETL, and UI/UX Skills.

The growth opportunities that TCS Salesforce offers are unmatched. To catalyze our next-level growth and transformation, we are seeking competent Developers, Tech leads, Tech Architect; Integration, Data Migration, UI/UX Specialists for various global projects. Please click here to visit TCS Salesforce microsite and know more.

Do visit TCS iBegin for more details regarding TCS Careers. It would be great to know your perception regarding Salesforce careers. Hence, please share your insights along with your views on this blog via an email to

Thank you and wish you the very best!

About the author

Mahesh Gothal
As India Center Head for TCS Salesforce Practice, Mahesh has been instrumental in building one of the fastest-growing salesforce consulting practices in the world. His rich experience of over 24 years spans a wide range of technologies, management, and leadership roles. Mahesh has leveraged the best of people, processes, and leading-edge technologies to deliver world-class solutions. He enjoys the challenge of building high-performing teams in a rapidly growing business environment.