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AmerisourceBergen and TCS are long standing business partners united by a vision to take healthcare services to the next level. Given the multi-dimensional challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic brought along, both executives spoke about how innovation in technology is accelerating the evolution of a secure pharma supply chain.

Sharing his viewpoint, Nitin Kumar, VP and Global Head, Healthcare, TCS says that pharma distribution is consolidated, highly optimized and effective in the US. Data and analytics play a pivotal role now as we need more agility, resilience, and transparency in the supply chain. When you want to be well, you expect a more collaborative health ecosystem and that’s integrated with IoT, cloud, and AI.

Mark Spykerman, CIO, AmerisourceBergen explains how AI and machine learning are transforming lives and creating more secure medicine. AmerisourceBergen developed real-time track and trace systems to reduce the risks posed by counterfeit medicines in the supply chain.


Nitin Kumar
Vice President and Global Business Head, Healthcare, TCS

Mark Spykerman
Chief Information Officer, AmerisourceBergen

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