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Enabling accelerated cloud migration through a robust test function

A prerequisite for successful cloud migration initiatives is robust, high-quality testing, which depends on the availability and accuracy of adequate inputs across the business, applications, test data, interfaces, and third-party integrations. However, there is a lack of a frame of reference for capturing the relevant inputs in a structured format. Therefore, standard Test.QE readiness guidelines for BFSI organizations would be instrumental in defining a context-ready Test.QE function.

The Test.QE readiness framework for cloud adoption testing could be broadly categorized into five groups to ensure comprehensive coverage.

Strategy and planning: Availability of adequate information and technology with an understanding of the nature of cloud migration

Test automation: Achieving speed and accuracy in test execution

Test data and environment: Availability of fit-for-purpose test data and integrated test environments

Testing baseline: Comparison of test results against baselines

Cloud services and infrastructure components: Consideration for infrastructure, security, identity and access management (IAM), and performance monitoring

Soumyasachi (Somya) Mahapatra
Senior Automation Advisor, Technology and Transformation Advisory, BFSI, TCS