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A digital capital introduction platform can reimagine capital raising.

The capital introduction business for hedge funds is witnessing a shift toward a hybrid model, combining the best features of both high-touch and digital models. End-to-end digitalization of the capital introduction lifecycle ranging from fund onboarding to capital raising and delivering a frictionless experience delivers a slew of benefits and is spurring the adoption of a digital capital introduction platform.

  • Investor onboarding:  AI-backed insights to help brokers to pitch the most relevant hedge funds
  • Fund onboarding: Control access to the fund documentation and track its consumption
  • Research: Enable digital access to funds as well as the documentation
  • Host virtual conferences: Virtually connect investors and fund managers by equipping the platform with collaboration tools
  • Advisory services: Faster completion of pre-marketing consultative tasks by prime brokers facilitate a shorter time-to-market
  • Reporting and analytics: Tracking investor activities with platform dashboard.

Kiran Kumar Komma
Domain Consultant, Capital Markets Industry Advisory, BFSI, TCS

Karthik Dhinakara Ram
Lead, Capital Markets Industry Advisory, BFSI, TCS