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Need for Platformification in Insurance

With growing user expectations for innovative products and simplified policy processing, insurance companies are looking for a digitalized, integrated, modularized, automated, and governed platform. However, legacy insurance policy administration systems create a monolithic system and prevent companies from achieving complete platformification to tackle business challenges.

A properly planned platformification journey should focus on the following aspects:

  • Leveraging technology and plug-and-play methodology to generate portals for all stakeholders
  • Development of efficient internal and external integrations to accommodate the changing ecosystem
  • Modularizing components such as experience, analytics and insights, and regulatory compliance
  • Automation of business processes, build-deploy-test and exceptional customer service
  • Configuration of new changes including product, front-end, and self-service configuration
  • Proper governance to handle various risk categories
Chakravarthi Vedantam

Delivery Partner, TCS BFSI Platforms


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