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Disruptions and disruptors are here to stay, changing the face of business across industries, including insurance. Today, the market is about ease of business, speed, agility, customer experience, and innovation.  These disruptions have far-reaching effects, and adoption is the only way for insurers to stay relevant in the market.  The key agents of change are data, technology, and innovation-driven by customer experience and cost of operations.

This paper delves into some of the major disruptions in the property and casualty space and how insurers can harness these disruptions and position themselves to gain the mindshare of the market.



Adiel Karthak

Adiel Karthak leads the Property and Casualty Centre of Excellence for BFSI – CBO in TCS. He has 17 years of experience across multiple lines of businesses in Property and Casualty insurance with expertise in domain-led transformations.