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The Challenge

TCS Insurance Agent Analytics solution enables insurers to make data-driven decision-making to proactively manage their agent, maximize their performance by enhancing their experience, and drive profitable revenue growth. The solution leverages the growing data ecosystem and opportunities through pre-built dashboards to personalize an agent's services. It enables adaptive insurance distribution to address agent costs for optimized business growth.

Insurers face numerous distribution-related challenges in agency management that prevent the heads and managers from making more efficient and effective decisions. The lack of data-driven insights prevents insurers from knowing how to measure, act, and improve agents' performance. The absence of personalized services for agents often leads to low agent retention and high agent turnover, leading to high costs and poor return on investment. Agent management needs an approach that optimizes costs.

TCS Solution

TCS Insurance Agent Analytics helps insurers make data-driven decisions with analytics, AI, and data digital technologies to improve employee engagement and experience and reach the target KPIs for business growth. It provides the following solutions:

  • Leverage pre-built dashboards to predict performance scenarios with insights from data to improve sales decisions.
  • Combine market-leading solutions and agent analytics for easy customization.
  • Work with structured and unstructured data, including future capabilities to safeguard sales and distribution needs.
  • Receive insights to improve gaps in processes and redundancies of workflows with a single version of the truth with respect to current performance.
  • Leverage legacy technologies to bridge gaps due to broken processes and poor integrations to deliver high-quality servicing capabilities.


  • Reduced agent turnover to reduce agent cost and the cost of acquiring a new agency
  • Maximized performance with faster services to agents
  • Improved business KPIs through prediction and prevention
  • Improved return on investment with insights-based servicing
  • Increased customer retention, loyalty, satisfaction for an improved enterprise net promoter score


  • Comprehensive insights of an agent through a 720° view
  • Continuous assessment of agent engagement
  • Intelligent sales and distribution strategies through a continuous stream of actionable insights
  • Data-driven decision-making capabilities for intelligent business processes and growth

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