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The world today sees a massive growth of connected devices and a demand for immersive user experience leading to an emergence of autonomous, high-speed and low-latency applications. Edge computing places computing and storage at the edge of the network, enabling faster data processing and real-time decision making. However, edge computing model being distributed and heterogenous, the architecture must be scalable, and have various levels that share the workload. As this network grows and spans several geographies, infrastructure maintenance and automation gets challenging.

TCS Solution

TCS Edge Computing services bring computation closer to your organization’s equipment. It offers an end-to-end solution for enterprises to design, implement, and manage their edge computing landscape. The solution provides scale, security, connectivity, cognitive computing and autonomous operations. 

Starting with discovering edge computing use cases, it helps organizations design, deploy, and manage services with Edge SecOps, Cognitive Edge and Converge Edge. TCS provides an integrated management platform, PaaSEdge, that enables edge orchestration, security, and provisioning. TCS Edge Computing Services are customized for industry verticals, providing edge-enabled industry-specific solutions such as worker safety, predictive maintenance, quality inspection, branch in a box, and so on.


By bringing data processing and storage capabilities closer to the edge of the network, TCS’ Edge Computing Services provide the following benefits:

  • Enhances customer experience even with intermittent connectivity

  • Improves experiences of latency-sensitive applications such as worker safety

  • Provides real-time insights at edge with streaming analytics

  • Reduces equipment downtime with predictive and prescriptive analytics

  • Ensures data availability for remote monitoring with visual inspection systems

  • Improves data privacy and security with stringent checks and control measures

  • Reduces data transmission costs with focus on efficient service delivery

  • Optimizes asset usage with reduced data traffic between the edge and the cloud

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