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TCS IUX Intelligent Energy

Optimize Power Consumption With TCS-Designed Smart Streetlighting Solution


The Challenge

Spread across towns and cities, building and public street lighting represents one of the most extensive power networks in the world. However, most such systems lack real-time optimization and are cost-prohibitive. Now, with the growth of smart cities, they are no longer sustainable as energy conservation solutions assume paramount importance. Besides fulfilling the primary goal of ensuring citizen safety, modern building and street lighting systems should reduce power consumption and save costs.

TCS Solution

Designed to optimize building and street lighting in real-time, the Intelligent Urban Exchange (IUX) Intelligent Energy is a modular, scalable platform built on the machine learning-capable IoT solution. With smart features such as automated performance monitoring, this TCS energy platform can assess building and street lighting performance against the set energy efficiency standards based on historical data.

The solution integrates weather, crime, outages, traffic, and pedestrian data to create city-specific models and pave way for the adoption of a smart building and street lighting system that adjusts luminosity based on environmental factors. It offers pre-built data models for street and building lighting to allow identification and implementation of optimal plans. The TCS IUX Intelligent Energy is a cloud solution that helps cities secure citizens and meet sustainable energy goals.


  • Use real-time data to proactively optimize energy usage across cities
  • Meet energy efficiency targets without degrading occupant comfort or safety
  • Follow a goal-centric approach based on integrated optimization algorithm to set targets
  • Eliminate the need for costly hardware installations with “As-a-Service” cloud solution
  • Streamline the management of multiple energy data sources
  • Reduce total cost of ownership and increase ROI with current lighting system integration
  • Adjust building and street luminosity based on environmental factors

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