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As urban center populations continue to rapidly grow, the need for more streetlights becomes more essential to the overall safety and livability of cities. The legacy streetlight systems are failure prone, costly to manage and waste energy often consuming up to 50% of a city’s entire energy budget. To cope with urban growth and the need to minimize energy consumption and costs, cities must integrate smart energy management into their operational command centers.

TCS Solution

based on environmental factors and population and traffic flows while maintaining citizen safety. The solution integrates current weather, crime, outages, traffic and pedestrian data to create a city specific analytical model that optimizes streetlighting in real time.

This product is a modular software analytics solution powered by an integrated data management and IoT analytics platform. It can integrate with existing streetlight systems, as well as newer smart city technologies, to automate lighting appropriate to the street level environment while maintaining safety, saving energy costs and meeting conservation and sustainability requirements.


  • Optimize and manage streetlight energy consumption in real-time through analytics
  • Reduce deployment costs and preserve capital investments through seamless integration
  • Streamline and expedite integration of multiple energy data sources on a common platform

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