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Effective risk management and the evolving dynamics in lending

Effective internal control systems are instrumental in risk management as well as fraud protection to ensure smooth functioning of banks. Systematic control measures built across the lending lifecycle based on the risk appetite can help banks manage evolving threats and comply with lending regulation. While directive controls lay down guidance on process adherence and acceptable norms, preventive controls enable proactive protection against non-compliance and fraudulent activities.

  • Embed and automate controls: Reduce manual execution risk across process lifecycle
  • Rationalize and optimize internal controls: Align business and risk objectives for a balanced approach
  • Increase engagement through training: Improve first line of accountability through proper training
  • Perform continuous evaluation, enhancement, and reporting: Ensure proactive evaluation using technology-driven insights
Lakshmi Priya Das

Functional Consultant, BFSI, TCS

Kalpana Palaniappan

Domain Consultant, BFSI, TCS


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