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Add to Calendar 2018-11-19 03:33:00 2018-11-22 03:33:00 Europe/London EVENT International Conference On Microbiome Research Pune, India

Event Details

The International Conference On Microbiome Research will see sessions on Human Microbiome, Environmental Microbiome, Plant-Microbe interactions, Probiotics and functional foods and latest advances in computational approaches in the field of microbiome research. This conclave will also witness some of the leading experts from around the world actively working in the field of microbiome research share their ideas and work.

The highly heterogeneous populations and diverse ecosystems of India will be in the center of most of the discussion at ICMR 2018. The conference will pave the path for many future collaborations to explore and harness the benefits of microbiome research in different aspects of human health and ecosystem service to achieve long term goals of sustainable development.

TCS Participation

TCS is proud to be the Gold Sponsor for the International Conference on Microbiome Research (ICMR) 2018. 

Dr Sharmila Mande, Chief Scientist and Head of Bio-Sciences R&D, TCS Research & Innovation will be speaking at the conference.

Microbes have been around since the beginning of life on earth and have long colonized every possible ecological niche. Only in the last few decades we have realized the magnitude of their evolutionary success which allows them to contribute for the vital functioning of diverse ecosystems. The field of microbiome, has so far lead to understand the microbial diversity, identify microbial biomarkers and their interactions with host and environment for maintaining a homeostatic balance of an ecosystem. Currently, global projects aim to map microbial diversity in various ecological niches and their therapeutic potential and future may see customized microbiome therapies along with conventional methods.

To know the opportunities and challenges of microbiome research for human health, agriculture, environment and biotechnology TCS invites you to join us at ICMR-2018.



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