Responding to physical context with digital intelligence to unlock exponential value

We believe, by Bringing Life to Things, businesses can become – boundary-less, pervasive and experience-rich. This will enable them to unlock exponential value by responding to physical context with digital intelligence.

We help enterprises develop systems that are connected in context, predictive and increasingly self-aware. With this framework enterprises can realize new business models, optimized & responsive value-chains; and deliver an enhanced quality of life and a seamless customer experience to the end customer.

We Deliver Results

We offer a roadmap for change, so that you can embrace transformation rather than be disrupted. Our end-to-end approach spans strategic planning, systems design, sourcing, implementation, technical and business integration services, and post deployment support and maintenance. We deliver business and operations transformation with capabilities across various layers of the IoT ecosystem.

Connected Products

Cross-vertical consultancy to create connectivity for monitoring, maintenance and insights, through smarter products and enabled services.

Industrie 4.0

Automated processes to support emerging industries and "smart systems".

Smart Cities

Smarter operations for a connected, efficient, intelligent, and safer ecosystem for our communities.

Energy Management

Optimized energy and utility processes with intelligent insights for a sustainable and efficient enterprise.

Robotics & Cognitive Systems

Automated enterprises with intuitive and simplified systems built on cognitive insights.

Translating Ideas for IoT Initiatives into Dollars & Cents

In an era we call Business 4.0, digital technologies offer enterprises huge opportunities to create superior customer experiences, leverage ecosystems and embrace risk. It’s no surprise then that digital transformation projects have become top-of-mind for executives at large organizations.

Sweeping digital transformation may remain the top priority for most large organizations over the long term. However, surgical operational improvements can deliver significant savings and revenue opportunities in the near term.

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TCS-AWS Deliver IoT- Driven Industrial Software and Transformation Services

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are collaborating in industrial software and Internet of Things (IoT) “bringing things to life” for global customers through AWS-powered solutions that are future-ready, lightweight, reliable, and scalable. TCS’ knowledge platforms and labs enable ideation, development of solutions, and realization across industrial product design, production design, production operations, and service. Through this winning partnership, TCS provides enterprise transformation services to create reimagined digital business models, superior customer experience, optimized and responsive value chains, and enhanced quality of life through safer operations.

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TCS Connected Workforce Safety Solution - Creating a trusted workplace & safeguarding employees

Today, enterprises across the world are facing unprecedented disruption to their operation due to the COVID-19 crisis. Safeguarding employees while ensuring business continuity is on top the minds of leaders across industries.

Today, enterprises across the world are facing unprecedented disruption to their operation due to the COVID-19 crisis. Safeguarding employees while ensuring business continuity is on top the minds of leaders across industries.The TCS Connected Workforce Safety helps you create a digital safety fencing to your workplace, with real-time insights on employee health through thermal scanning, proximity alerts for physical distancing & accurate contact tracing and monitoring of personal protection equipment.

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TCS at NASSCOM Design & Engineering Summit

Unlock enterprise growth with the power of emerging technologies.

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TCS partners with HERE Technologies to enable location-based innovation for TCS DigiFleet™

TCS DigifleetTM powered by HERE location platform will enable customers with up-to-date map visualization, historic & real-time route optimization, robust geocoding and provide end-to-end supply chain visibility. The enhanced solution will help transport and logistics enterprises with their yard management in terms of tracking assets in real-time, predicting impact due to weather patterns, monitoring driver behavior and safety and calculating accurate ETAs for route optimization.

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Pioneering the Digital Future of Retail with IoT

Discover how Azure for IoT minimizes out of stock products, optimizes logistics costs, and manages store operations  

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