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Schedule of Analyst / Investor Interactions with KMP for the month of June 2017

Interactions planned for Jun 2017

Other Interactions:

Date Name of Fund / Firm Venue
 June 16, 2017   Annual General Meeting   Mumbai 


Interactions that took place in May 2017

Investor Conferences:

Date Conference Organized by* Name of Fund Venue
 May 15, 2017  Deutsche Equities India Private Limited 
  • Asset Management One Singapore Pte Ltd.
  • Comgest Far East Asia
  • Conning Asia Pacific Ltd
  • Coronation Fund Managers Ltd
  • FIL Investment Management
  • Fullerton Fund Management Company Ltd.
  • GIC Private Ltd.
  • Invesco Management Group, Inc.
  • Ivaldi Capital LLP
  • Maj Invest Equity A/S
  • Mawer Investment Management Ltd.
  • MFS International Singapore Pte Ltd.
  • Natixis Asset Management Asia Ltd.
  • New Silk Road Investment Pte Ltd
  • Prince Street Capital Management, Inc
  • Seatown Holdings Pte Ltd.
  • Sloane Robinson LLP
  • Southeastern Asset Management, Inc.
  • UBS Asset Management (Singapore) Ltd
  • Union Investment Privatfonds GmbH
  • Westwood International Advisors, Inc.


Investor Meetings:

Date Name of Fund Venue
 May 16, 2017 
  • Aberdeen Asset Management
  • FMR Investment Management (UK) Ltd.
  • Generation Investment Management LLP
  • Genesis Investment Management LLP
  • Investec Securities UK
  • JP Morgan Asset Management U.K. Limited
  • Pictet Asset Management Ltd.
  • RBC Global Asset Management Inc.
  • Stewart Investors
  • USS Investment Management Ltd.



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