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Designing New Inventory Management Solution

TCS uses tech brilliance for AmerisourceBergen’s cloud migration in digital era

AmerisourceBergen Specialty Group
Digital Migrations


AmerisourceBergen needed a new inventory management solution

AmerisourceBergen’s inventory technologies group wanted to enhance the experience of healthcare practices by optimizing drug inventory and enabling real-time tracking. The existing inventory management solution required several weeks of lead time to onboard a practice, and the client sought a new platform to scale their business and rid themselves of obsolete technology.



TCS helped modernize legacy inventory solution to the cloud

We adopted Azure cloud features, leveraged DevOps practices and agile methodologies for rapid software development, and introduced exciting features for customer-centricity. The new reliable and scalable platform has built-in automated workflows. We also simplified complex drug inventory purchasing processes for inventory buying administrators. The team adopted a feature-driven rollout methodology to enable healthcare practices and migrate to the cloud inventory platform. Overall, the solution was also cost-effective as it leveraged TCS’ nearshore capabilities.

Several practices have already been successfully migrated from the legacy system to the cloud. The plan is to migrate the remaining practices using the new Bin Management feature over the next few months.

"In order to remain competitive in the market and perhaps even leapfrog from a technology point of view, we knew we needed to evolve rapidly to a cloud-based, platform-native stack and permanently embed DevOps into our culture. Working in close partnership with my teams, TCS helped us make this transition by partnering with us & bringing experienced and driven team. Today we continue to onboard larger and more sophisticated practices and are enjoying all the benefits this new architecture and approach to our pipeline brings," Greg Metz, Vice President, Inventory and Management Solutions, AmerisourceBergen


TCS helped make informed decisions to implement the new platform and technologies

TCS helped successfully migrate legacy inventory management system to Azure cloud. The new platform is scalable, compatible with smart dispensing stations providing real-time information and an optimum inventory is always available.

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