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Repositioning Investment Banks: Driving Growth Post COVID-19

Adapting to post COVID realities to deliver value-driven products and services

The impact of COVID-19 on investment banking has been mixed – volatile markets are increasing trade, and consequently revenues, while challenges created by social distancing and workplace disruptions are adversely affecting revenue prospects in other areas. Resilient business models to avert service interruption and prevent customer dissatisfaction is the immediate priority while driving value leadership and growth will emerge as key imperatives in the post COVID-19 phase.

Though there is no clarity on how the crisis will play out, COVID-19 implications for investment banks will vary across different functions in investment banking. To overcome the adverse effects, investment banks will need to take distinct actions that can be classified across three key themes:

  • Touchless operations: end-to-end platform digitalization, artificial intelligence backed solutions, and insights driven automation

  • Offerings for a new beginning: purpose-driven, digital-only offerings

  • Resilient core: resilient infrastructure, cloud and digital technologies, self-service, and mutualization

Magaesh Kumar Parthasarathy

Consulting Partner, Capital Markets Industry Advisory Group, Banking, Financial Services and Insurance, TCS

Karthik Dhinakara Ram

Head, Capital Markets Industry Advisory Group, Banking, Financial Services and Insurance, TCS

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