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  • We help manufacturers realize their aspiration of becoming a ‘Factory of the Future’.
  • A digital thread that binds the connected assets, operations, supply chain, and workers into a seamless ‘neural data fabric’.
  • Digital Manufacturing Platforms (DMP) enable a seamless journey of business capabilities from digitization and digitalization to digital transformation.




Manufacturers across the globe are facing challenges that threaten to bring them to a halt if timely action is not taken.

Unplanned downtime, rising maintenance costs, asset reliability issues, maintaining consistent product quality, disconnected and manual safety procedures, and lack of insight into supplier performance are just some of the things companies struggle with. To overcome these challenges, many are driving new initiatives to transform their organizations and the way they work by leveraging technologies like IoT and big data. 

Industry 4.0 is expected to have a significant impact across the entire value chain. At TCS, we harness the potential of connected assets, connected operations, connected workforce, and connected supply chain to enable autonomous operations and help businesses create greater value for shareholders, gain a competitive advantage, and reduce business risks. We help them refine and get more out of their digital transformation strategies to meet the ever-changing global and local market needs.



TCS’ Digital Manufacturing Platform (DMP) helps companies accelerate their journey of acquiring ‘digital intelligence’ and reimagining their plant operations.

The solution enables customers to shift from digitization and digitalization to digital transformation and become cognitive factories of the future with ease. The digital thread binding connected assets, operations, supply chain, and workers into a seamless ‘neural data fabric’ keeps companies one step ahead of the competition.

DMP is a model-based, data-driven, AI-enabled solution which helps rapidly build manufacturing excellence. Here’s how. 

  • The platform brings together capabilities to collect and contextualize manufacturing data sets along with cross-industry solutions for enabling digital capabilities. 

  • It brings together all core elements needed to build intelligent digital twins of plants, systems, and processes.  

  • Its composable architecture helps enterprises to be future ready and gives them the ability to onboard use cases quickly.

  • As a flexible and domain-agnostic platform, it can be scaled up or down easily, and configured based on preferences of enterprises and regulatory requirements. 

  • Available on hyperscaler platforms and on-premise environments, its modular architecture provides ease of integration with external systems, RTLS devices, sensors, and existing infrastructure.




With DMP, you can gain a competitive edge through:

  • 20–30% reduction in unplanned downtime.

  • 10–20% reduction in maintenance/manufacturing costs.

  • 10-20% reduction in cost of quality 

  • Increased safety compliance 

  • Optimized supply chain, cost, inventory, and logistics

  • Improved collaboration with stakeholders

  • End-to-end visibility and traceability across the value chain

  • Safer and sustainable environment 


The TCS advantage

By partnering with us, you stand to benefit from our proprietary solutions and key differentiators:

Data-driven manufacturing: Our flexible data modeling framework powered by adherence to manufacturing standard helps in augmenting the platform with additional capabilities quickly

Contextual knowledge across domains: We have developed a deep understanding of our customers' business, which helps us in providing solutions to industry-specific problems.

Proprietary algorithms: We give you an edge with our integrated AI and ML engine, which is one of the core features that delivers accurate results and automation capabilities across industries.

Leader in IoT platforms and solutions: TCS is recognized by customers and renowned analysts such as IDC, Gartner, and Everest Group as a leader in IoT platform and solution implementations.