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  • Our IoT solutions on Google Cloud connect people, processes, and technologies across the enterprise.
  • They integrate data across IoT devices to derive real-time actionable insights to enable faster and better decision-making. 
  • TCS and Google Cloud help companies build customized IoT solutions for superior business outcomes by leveraging the flexibility of an open, scalable, and democratized ecosystem.




Capturing data across connected devices and systems helps organizations realize the value of digital intelligence.

Advances in IoT and artificial intelligence have changed the way we work and create value for employees, customers, and the larger society. But enterprise-wide implementation of IoT and AI-driven smart solutions involve processing of large volumes of data, real-time processing, and anytime, anywhere secure access.  

Enterprises need to integrate and consolidate data into a unified platform that offers flexibility, scalability, insights, and speed. However, some companies that have valuable data spread across multiple, siloed systems are challenged with integrating multiple disparate systems given the risk of losing critical data.

TCS can help enterprises overcome these challenges. The TCS Internet of Things (IoT) Enterprise Solution on Google Cloud integrates data from various devices and systems across the enterprise to derive real-time actionable insights. This speeds up better decision-making. 




Make smarter decisions with TCS’ IoT offerings on Google Cloud. 

We combine the best of TCS’ innovations, technical and engineering excellence, and contextual knowledge of the industry with the power of Google Cloud to design and implement enterprise-wide IoT solutions such as connected plants, sustainable energy management, and smart fleet systems. Such interventions also enable new business models such as servitization and subscription-based selling. TCS provides end-to-end support, from consulting to maintenance.

  • IoT advisory services: Offers strategy road map based on industry and business use cases.
  • IoT foundation framework: Puts together an integrated platform that serves as the foundation to build various IoT-based services.
  • Intelligent edge: Delivers zero-touch provisioning, device management using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).
  • Customized solutions: Develops a range of tailored solutions for asset management, remote monitoring, and predictive maintenance.
  • Actionable insights: Transforms decision-making with anomaly detection, real-time failure prediction, remaining useful life (RUL) prediction, and more.
  • Smart operations: Provides 24x7 operations support, DevSecFinOps, MLOps, and automated infra deployment.


TCS is investing in industry solutions to drive innovation and digital transformation across industries with a rich portfolio of industry-centric products and platforms on Google Cloud. 

Our IoT industry solutions on Google Cloud

TCS DigiFleet™ TCS Connected Health Services
A suite of solutions focused on providing real-time actionable insights for assets on the move, and helping organization reimagine supply chains. Cloud-enabled, IoT and AI-driven healthcare offerings that help build an ecosystem of various service providers and beneficiaries.





Create exponential value—from new business models to more fruitful collaboration with ecosystem partners.

TCS’ IoT industry solutions on Google Cloud leverage the native capabilities of Google Cloud to help companies gain resilience and better customer experience with the flexibility of an open, scalable, and democratized ecosystem.

  • Break organizational data silos to unlock exponential value from IoT solutions.
  • Achieve the scale needed for extraction and processing of large volumes of data with cloud-based solutions.
  • Democratize information with anytime, anywhere secure access.
  • Protect your IoT estate with the security that Google Cloud provides.
  • Collaborate with ecosystem partners using vendor-agnostic solutions that allow interoperability.
  • Explore new business models and tap new revenue streams.
  • Gain reliability with better control and visibility into your supply chain.
  • Improve availability and productivity with timely maintenance.



The TCS advantage  

When you work with us, you can take advantage of the best of TCS’ capabilities.

  • TCS’ Google Cloud IoT Center of Excellence and our global talent drive ideation, solution development, and business value realization across production design, operations, and services. 
  • Our Bringing Life to ThingsTM framework enables enterprises to create new business models, provide superior customer experiences, drive business agility and achieve sustainability goals.
  • TCS and Google Cloud’s full complement of services and solutions empowers companies to create innovative, scalable, reliable, and future-ready solutions and achieve superior business value from cloud transformation initiatives. 




  • Technology-led blended learning experience for learners
  • A solution that helps institutes open new revenue streams
  • Caters to all types of learners through an analytics-based mechanism
  • Integrates all digital platforms to provide a seamless learning experience
  • Ensures better student engagement, which results in higher retention ratio